مرکز تشخیص ژنتیک تبریز
پیشرو در ارائه خدمات تخصصی ژنتیک پزشکی در شمالغرب کشور و عضو شبکه مراکز تشخیص پیش از تولد کشور
اولین مرکز ارائه خدمات مشاوره ژنتیک، سیتوژنتیک و ژنتیک مولکولی پزشکی در شمالغرب کشور (تاسیس 1387)

Tabriz Genetic Analysis Centrer


is a leading provider of specialized medical genetics services in the Northwest of Iran


Member of national prenatal diagnosis network


Dr Ebrahim Sakhinia¸ DMT, PhD

Human Genetics

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences



About centre

The Tabriz Genetic Analysis Centre (TGAC) is a national medical genetics reference laboratory which was opened in 2008. The TGAC offers many tests and test combinations, ranging from routine screening tests to highly esoteric molecular and genetic assays and has been dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive diagnostic services for over 5 years. National requests ranging from routine to rare genetic diseases have been accepted and studied according to the best practice guidelines in genetics. With this technological infrastructure, our patients and physicians get the great advantage of requesting multiple analyses in molecular cytogenetics, molecular genetics, conventional cytogenetics and molecular microbiology from the same biological material such as amniotic fluid, CVS and peripheral blood.


The main services and aims of the centre are based on the accurate diagnosis of genetic conditions in the cellular and molecular level with the prevention and reduction of disease occurrences in future generations. 

TGAC's comprehensive cytogenetic and molecular test menu includes the areas of genetics and immunology, biochemistry, cytogenetics, endocrinology, fetal risk assessment, haematology, infectious diseases, neurology, oncology and molecular pathology. The TGAC performs most testing on-site, operating 12 hours per day, six days a week and processing many specimens of blood, body fluid and tissue DNA extractions per day.

The TGAC provides some of the best turnaround times, due in part to the advanced instrumentation and professional staff. Test results can also be rapidly delivered to clients through customized information systems.

Furthermore, due to the continuous communication of the scientific and academic molecular and cellular diagnostic centres in Europe, especially the United Kingdom, testing for diseases which are impossible to carry out in Iran due to the rarity of the disease, can be sent abroad for further diagnostic testing.

TGAC labs are also activated and connected to research, development (R&D) and molecular genetics education academic research centres of international repute for various collaborative research projects.



Our location and management

The centre became the first clinic to provide the three services of genetic counselling, cytogenetic and molecular genetics within the province of East Azerbaijan in the specialty and sub specialty clinics of Sheikh Al Rais in the city of Tabriz. The centre is staffed by the co-operation of many of the best experts and post-graduates in the fields of foundation and new science under the technical management of Dr Ebrahim Sakhinia. 


His academic and professional achievements and levels include

1991- Doctorate in the field of laboratory sciences from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

1991 to 1999- Member of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

2003- PhD degree in the field of human genetics from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom

2003 to 2008- Member of the teaching and research staff in the field of molecular genetics at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom

2008 to present- Associated Professor, Member of the medical genetics faculty at the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences


Prior to the diversity of the diagnostic molecular and cellular genetic testing available as the first step, the centre is now concentrating on the diagnosis of the most common diseases within the area. Please be aware of the latest and ever increasing services provided by the centre by looking at the designated section in this website or contacting the centre itself and asking the staff for further information.


Because of the specialized status of the medical centres and clinics in the Medical Sciences University, admission and all services in this centre are done with state tariffs included. 


Our Departments

o    Genetic Counseling

o    Molecular Genetics

o    Molecular Cytogenetics

o    Postnatal Cytogenetics

o    Prenatal Cytogenetics

o    Molecular Infection

o    Paternity Test

  o   Next generation sequencing

ما مسئول کمک به شما در جهت تشخیص زودرس بیماریها و تولد نوزاد سالم می باشیم

کلیه خدمات در بالاترین سطح کیفیت با نازلترین قیمت ممکنه

- قرارداد با بیمه ها
- پذیرش رایگان بیماران ارجاعی از بهزیستی
- پذیرش بیماران ارجاعی از مراکز بهداشتی

نمایندگی های انحصاری در ایران

- این ازمایشگاه افتخار دارد که سالها به عنوان نماینده انحصاری و معتبر دو کمپانی زیر در ایران و آذربایجان فعال بوده است شامل:
- کمپانی CeGaT آلمان
- کمپانی Genomize ترکیه

اطلاعات ضروری

- برای پزشکان
- برای همکاران
- برای بیماران

مراحل انجام کار ما چگونه است ؟
مراجعه به آزمایشگاه

- مراجعه مستقیم بیمار
- معرفی از طریق همکاران

ترسیم شجره نامه
انتخاب تست تشخیصی
نمونه برداری

- خون
- مغز استخوان (B.M)
- مایع آمنیوتیک
- پرزهای جفتی
- بافت جنین سقط شده
- بافت توموری
- بلوکهای پارافینه
- بزاق
- مو و ناخن و استخوان جهت تعیین هویت


- کاریوتایپ
- توالی یابی ژنی
- Multiplex PCR
- آنالیز فراگمنت (MLPA)
- بیوانفورماتیک


- حضوری
- با پست
- آنلاین

نمونه نتایج

- نمونه نتایج Real time PCR
- نمونه نتایج MLPA
- نمونه نتایج آنالیز RNA
- نمونه نتایج کاریوتایپ
- نمونه نتایج توالی یابی تک ژنی
- نمونه نتایج NGS
- نمونه نتایج بررسی پانلها
- نمونه نتایج QF-PCR

کلیه حقوق این سایت متعلق به مرکز تشخیص ژنتیک تبریز می باشد - طراحی و برنامه نویسی شرکت داده پرداز طراحان ماندگار